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Thomas McKee
Thomas McKee
Thomas and Jonathan McKee

co-authors of The New Breed are volunteer leadership experts who help non-profit leaders mobilize the power and passion of their volunteers.

We deliver our service by making Keynote Presentations for your volunteers, association conferences and conventions and by conducting training workshops for your volunteer managers to help them improve your volunteer program.
Jonathan McKee
Jonathan McKee


Training Workshops on Volunteer Leadership

We will develop a workshop for your organization from the following workshops. Pick and choose from the following topics the issues that address your concerns. (Or... if you don't know exactly what you want, just email us at Workshops@VolunteerPower.com, explain your situation and we can make a recommendation.)

The content of this workshop focuses on the changing volunteer culture. Participants will learn just how the 21st century volunteer culture is very different because of several significant seismic shifts that have changed volunteer management. These shifts have impacted the volunteer organization; therefore, how we recruit and manage the new breed of volunteer requires a whole new set of leadership strategies.

Some of the seismic shifts that have changed how people volunteer are the following:
  • Family — from Father Knows Best to Gilmore Girls
  • Community vs. Individualism – the team of one
  • Two huge potential volunteer resources — The retired boomer and young professional (and getting them to work together)
  • Technology — the virtual volunteer
  • The rise of the knowledge worker – Empowerment vs. delegation
This workshop focuses on "The Seven Deadly Sins of Recruitment." Many volunteer managers commit these sins on a regular basis and are losing out on a whole new breed of volunteers that are available if we just quit sinning--or making these recruiting mistakes. After each "sin" we present seven really cool ideas for 21st century recruiting. Sometime we entitle this workshop, "Seven Really Cool Recruiting Ideas that Work"—if you don't like the "sin" analogy.
  • Expect announcements to get volunteers that you want
  • Ask for marriage rather than a date
  • Think that "no" means "no"
  • Go it a lone
  • Be "people driven" rather than "position driven"
  • Use the four words that volunteers hate : Oh, by the way
  • Hire staff who don't know how to manage volunteers
This workshop focuses on increasing your retention rate by effective leadership. The 21st century volunteer is a knowledge worker and wants to be led, not micro-managed. The topics on the management workshop include the following:

Motivating This New Breed of Volunteers
The three levels of motivation
The greatest gift
Generational motivation
Hard-wired motivation

Empowering Volunteers That Want to do it Their Way
Why delegation doesn't work
How to empower the new volunteer without dropping the ball

Evaluating your volunteer culture
The three statements evaluation
The screaming eleven evaluation
The annual evaluation

Managing or canning the high-maintenance volunteer
Managing the volunteer from hell
Firing the volunteer and living to tell about it

The Virtual Volunteer
The five levels of virtual volunteers
I don't have to be a techie
Hiring, managing and firing
Web 2.0 and the virtual community

This workshop is for the national and/or chapter leaders of an organization. The content of the workshop focuses on how 21st century leaders must mobilize the unlimited power and passion of volunteers. Participants of the workshop will learn how to focus the energy of passionate volunteers who are opinionated, sometimes arrogant and often very emotional about their passion.

Topics include
  • What is passion?
  • Why passion is not enough?
  • Finding that one thing to unite passion
  • What is wrong and right with mission statements, vision statement and strategic plans
  • Keeping the momentum alive
  • Thinking and planning strategically
  • Managing change without losing volunteers
Keynote Talks on Volunteer Leadership
  • Mobilizing the Power and Passion of the 21st Century Volunteer Organization
  • The New Breed of Volunteer—Recruiting and Managing the 21st Century Volunteers Who Want to Do it their way.)
  • The Seven Sins of Volunteer Recruitment
Thomas McKee
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Jonathan McKee

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