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Answer to the Team Building Exercise

The focus question, that frames the decision is, "Are you going to stay by the plane or leave." This question makes all the difference.

If you decide to stay by the plane (probably the smartest decision because you have filed a flight plan) your list is totally different than if you decide to hike out. The group must first develop a decision frame:

Decision frame: We are going to stay by the plane so that we can be rescued. Priorities:

  • Signaling
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food

    If this is your frame, then the following are a possible list.

    (Note: This is not necessarily the correct frame. The important thing is that it is a frame.)

  • Mirror (Signaling)
  • Flashlight (Signaling)
  • Parachute (Signaling and shelter)
  • Raincoats (Collecting moisture)
  • Hunting knife (Food)
  • Book of edible plants in the desert (Food)
  • Loaded pistol (Protection and food)
  • Fifth of whisky (Medicinal)
  • Salt Tablets (No use)
  • Map of the desert (no use—the pilot and co-pilot are dead, you don't have a clue where you went down. The only why this would help if you picked up the map when you crashed and you saw an X marked on the map where you crashed).
  • Compass (Don't need if you are going to stay by the plane)

    Most people are arguing over maps, fifth of whisky, and flashlights when they have not framed the problem—are we going to stay the plane or not. This is the important, significant, framing question.