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Volunteer Power!
Volunteer Power News - Number 111
Author: Thomas W. McKee
"Volunteer Power News" Monthly Newsletter

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A warm welcome to all volunteer managers-those of you who recruit, motivate and mobilize volunteer workers.

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In This Issue
  1. Featured Article: The New, New Breed of Volunteer is Even Newer
  2. Check this Out: Two Tom McKee Volunteer Power Workshops - South Dakota and Colorado
Featured Article: The New, New Breed of Volunteer is Even Newer
The New, New Breed of Volunteer is Even Newer
Thomas McKee

Five years ago this fall we released the first edition of The New Breed, claiming that the 21st century volunteer is so different from the last century volunteer that it takes a different style of leadership for volunteer involvement. And in just five years the world of volunteer leadership has changed exponentially, calling for an even greater up-to-date leadership.

To be ahead of these changes, we have just released the second edition of The New Breed.

What is next? Real-time hologram projections of my board members at our board meetings?

Jonathan, co author of The New Breed writes,

I almost hesitate to write about technology, in fear that by the time it goes to print it will already be out of date. You'd be amazed if you saw how much we had to already totally revamp the technology chapter for the second edition of the book. So much has changed in just 5 years.
  • Today's volunteer doesn't need a dayplanner, a watch, a computer, or even a landline...they just need a smartphone.
  • The younger generation has grown less fond of email, primarily using texting or social networking instead.
  • MySpace no longer is the social networking powerhouse among young people, and Facebook has truly become king (93% of 12-17-year old social media users have Facebook, 24% have a MySpace) (http://pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Teens-and-social-media.aspx, page 18)
  • Pinterest has quickly proven to be a major player the social network scene, especially with women.
  • Smartphone ownership crossed the 50% mark, which has boosted mobile browsing to new levels (53% of 18-24-year-olds own them, 64% of 25-34-year olds own them). (Nielsen, State of the Media: Mobile Media Report Q3 2011)
  • The time people spend on apps per day finally surpassed traditional web browsing. (TechCrunch)
I can only imagine what new developments in technology will emerge in the next five years. Personally, I'd settle for a soft-serve ice cream dispenser in every vehicle!

So how do advances in technology affect the world of volunteerism?
I guess that's like asking, "How did the invention of the plane change world travel?"

But technology is only one aspect of how the world of volunteer has changed in just five years.

The first edition isn't that OLD... it's just that we quoted so many studies in that book that we wanted to keep it current. The publisher agreed, so we released a new edition that has the following changes:

The New Breed
In this SECOND EDITION, look for...
  • A whole new chapter on using a "New Breed" of Technology
  • Four more seismic shifts that have shaken the world of volunteer management and catalyzed this "New Breed" of volunteer.
  • New and updated studies about volunteer culture and technology
  • Brand new research and insight into the mind of the fastest growing group of volunteers... Generation Y!
  • A new section on how to use the social media, which, in the last 5 years, has greatly impacted volunteer involvement
  • All the practical tools that the first edition offered, like the "Dating Method," the "7-Sins of Recruiting"... and even how to fire the volunteer from Hell!
And much, much more.

We are offering a special on the second edition of the New Breed-20% off and signed by both authors if you order this month.


Recruiting, Training,
and Occasionally Even Firing
Today's Volunteers

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The book that Zig Ziglar calls,
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"The New Breed" Just Got Better!

We just sharpened the tool that has been helping volunteer
recruiters and managers survive the last 5 years!

Susan Ellis writes about the New Breed

Jonathan and Tom McKee's book, The New Breed, is an enthusiastic, thoughtful, and contemporary look at volunteering as it is evolving in this new century. There's no question that organizations must utilize up-to-date management techniques to attract and retain the wide range of people who want to serve their cause. In a practical and often humorous way, the authors introduce real-life challenges in volunteer engagement and give wonderful suggestions for everything from recruiting to using computer technology for communication. They aim to inspire the leader of volunteers and they succeed.
Susan J. Ellis
Energize, Inc.

Two Volunteer Power Workshop coming to South Dakota and Colorado
Most of my workshops are not open to the public, but are designed for a specific non-profit organization. However, I am going to be teaching The New Breed, Volunteer Power workshop that is open to the public in two arenas in October 2012 and January 2013.

The October Conference
The State-wide DOVI South Dakota state-wide conference on
October 26-a one-day training event
Sioux Falls, S.D.

2012 DOVIA Conference Information

Dovia: Directors of Volunteers in Agencies

Date: Friday, October 26, 2012
Time: 8:30am - 3:45pm

The January Conference
Focus on Faith-Based Organizations
Loveland, Colorado
January 21-23 (A three-day conference)

Leading Today's Volunteer

Note: I didn't design this logo.

Understand, empower and grow the volunteers in your ministry!

We know that finding (and keeping!) good volunteers is challenging. We've created this leadership training event to equip you with the best tools and knowledge to help you understand today's volunteer. You're invited to join us for a 3-day interactive training with Thomas McKee. It's a time for learning, sharing with others, and getting tangible tips you can take back to your church to multiply your volunteer involvement.

This training will help you:
  • Discover what the 21st century volunteer expects and what you must do if you want to recruit and lead the new breed of volunteer
  • Understand the seven deadly sins of recruiting volunteers and what leaders must do to have a successful recruiting and screening process
  • Discover how to lead volunteers with vision and purpose
  • Learn how to mobilize the unlimited power and passion of volunteers
  • Get equipped with practical resources to evaluate how empowerment-friendly and generation-friendly your organization is towards volunteers
If you're involved in any area of ministry that involves recruiting, training and/or leading volunteers, then this training is just for you!

Download Brochure

Reaching Today's Volunteer ReGroup 2013

January 21-23, 2013, Loveland, CO
Before December 31st: The cost for the ReGroup is $149. Only $119 per person if you register 2 or more!

After December 31st, 2012: $199 per person.

Register Now

Volunteer Power Key-Notes, Workshops, Or An Education Day
The New Breed of Volunteer
A Volunteer Power Workshop
Recruiting and leading the 21st Century volunteers who want to do it their way

Workshop Content

The questions: Volunteerism is hot. From American Idol, Disneyland, Glee, Lady Gaga, President Obama to Wells Fargo, Intel and Wal-Mart, giving back is the rage.

  • How do we take advantage of this trend in our organization?
  • How do we mobilize the passion and power of volunteers in a culture that sometimes stifles passion and professionalism because management only allows volunteers to stuff envelops?
The answer: A 21st Century leadership strategy. We need to know how to impact our volunteer culture so that we can recruit and empower a whole new breed of volunteers.

The 21st century volunteer culture is very different because of tectonic shifts that have changed volunteer leadership. These shifts have impacted the volunteer organization; therefore, how we recruit and lead the New Breed of volunteer is a whole new game. The tectonic shifts include the following:

  • Twitch Speed - The core characteristic of Lady Gaga is speed. She is doing in 10 minutes what it took Madonna ten years to achieve. How nimble is your organization in responding to today's volunteers?
  • Generations - Gen Y and retiring boomers-the new frontier of volunteers
  • Technology - The addition of social networks as a leadership tool
  • Empowerment - The knowledge worker demands to be led - not managed
  • Slacktivism - Getting involved with the click of a mouse
  • Episodic Volunteering - Sign up for only short-term projects or only when unemployed
A LEADER OF VOLUNTEERS STRATEGY: In this workshop you will learn ...
  • How to manage change: How to interpret a changing culture
  • How to empower the volunteer without dropping the ball
  • How to coach your volunteers instead of manage them: The four stages of coaching
  • How to frame your recruiting message in order to transition slactivists and episodic volunteers into valuable non-paid staff
Contact us to book a workshop, key-note presentation.

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