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Volunteer Power!
Pre-2014 e-zine Archives

Welcome to the VolunteerPower.com email newsletter archive. If you missed any of
our past newsletters simply click on the link in order to read the past issue.

2014 Ezine Archives
Issue #120
The Most Significant Factor Impacting Volunteerism

2013 Ezine Archives
Issue #119
Why Have You Ignored Gen X as Volunteers?

Issue #118
How Successful is Your Volunteer Marketing – Your Posting for Volunteers?

Issue #117
Seven Creative Ideas From Volunteer Leaders Who Are Doing It Right

Issue #116
Four Strategic Challenges of The New Breed of Volunteer Involvement

Issue #115
Eight Ways to Make Some Noise-Get Everyone Talking (and Tweeting) About Your Volunteers

2012 Ezine Archives
Issue #114
The Occasional Volunteer

Issue #113
The Challenges and Opportunities of Leading Four Generations of Volunteers

Issue #112
Overlooked Priorities of Successful Volunteer Involvement

Issue #111
The New, New Breed of Volunteer is Even Newer

Issue #110
Just $5 for the perfect resource to help you mobilize the team of people you've always wanted

Issue #109
Customer Service - The Forgotten Topic of Volunteer Training

Issue #108
What is Wrong With This Picture?

Issue #107
The No-Collar Workforce is Reshaping the Workplace-What That Means for Volunteer Involvement

Issue #106
When the "Always Be-In-Charge" Person is Only a Team Member. Lessons Learned from Volunteering in Uganda

Issue #105
How Can Millennials Lead Older Generations-Some Quick Tips

Issue #104
Why Are We Dissing Gen Y Volunteers When They Have So Much to Offer?

2011 Ezine Archives
Issue #103
The Disconnect of Professionalism and Volunteerism

Issue #102
Selling the Value of Volunteers-Raw Data or Huggy-Feely Stories?

Issue #101
One Third of Volunteers Do Not Return. How is Your Volunteer Retention?

Issue #100
The 100th Newsletter: What is the Same and What is Different?

Issue #99
Is Volunteering Still Hot? Are Volunteer Numbers Down This Year?

Issue #98
A Volunteer Retention Problem-Too Much Feedback

Issue #97
Knowing When to Ignore Critical Feedback About Our Volunteers (or From Our Volunteers)

Issue #96
21st Century High-Tech Meeting Or the 20th Century Convention - Getting the New Breed of Volunteers Together

Issue #95
Speed - A Tectonic Shift That Is Changing Volunteerism

Issue #94
Using 21st Century Coaching Methods to Lead Your Volunteers

Issue #93
Using the Social Media to Recruit and Mobilize Volunteers

Issue #92
Start the New Year With An Energizing, Motivational Staff Meeting with Your Volunteers - Led by You

2010 Ezine Archives
Issue #91
Leading the Way to Successful Volunteer Involvement

Issue #90
Recruiting and Managing Teenage Volunteers - Part II: What do we do with them after we get them?

Issue #89
Recruiting and Managing Teenage Volunteers - Part I: Are they worth the effort?

Issue #88
Building Successful Partnerships - Increase Your Volunteer Power With The Exponential Explosion of Synergistic Partnering

Issue #87
People Don't Quit Volunteering Because They Are Too Busy. They Quit Because...

Issue #86
Crowdsourcing and Micro Volunteering: A New Breed of Volunteer Power

Issue #85
Taking Advantage of Two Hot Trends: Episodic Volunteering and Slacktivism

Issue #84
Why? Why Do We Have Volunteers?

Issue #83
The Advantage for Recruiting Volunteers for Specific Team Roles

Issue #82
Is Volunteer A Verb, Noun or Adjective? Or Do You Avoid the Word by Using a Symbolic Substitute?

Issue #81
Seven Behaviors of Volunteer Managers Who Are Doing it Right

2009 Ezine Archives
Issue #80
Are We Taking Advantage of the Volunteer Frenzy, Or Is It Taking Advantage of Us?

Issue #79
How to Lead From the Middle of an Organization When You Have Little or No Control

Issue #78
From Short Term Helper to Active Volunteer

Issue #77
Increasing the Life Cycle of A Volunteer

Issue #76
Ten Ways to Energize Your Volunteers for the Fall

Issue #75
The Tension of Using the Unemployed as Volunteers for Short-Term Projects. Is It Worth the Effort?

Issue #74
Helping Parents, Teachers and Youth Find Volunteer Opportunities to Fulfill Mandatory Volunteering

Issue #73
When Our Volunteers Quit Buying Green Bananas – How to Keep the Hope Alive

Issue #72
The Exponential Power of Volunteers—What We Learned From Our Last Presidential Election

Issue #71
Hard Times Call For Creative Leadership

Issue #70
Three Trends That Can Boost Volunteerism—And How to Take Advantage of Them

Issue #69
Seven ways to recharge your batteries in 2009 when you are always giving out

2008 Ezine Archives
Issue #68
Why I Am Optimistic About Non-Profits in 2009

Issue #67
Edgy Leadership From a Gen X Volunteer Entrepreneur

Issue #66
Why Volunteer Leadership is Like Being A Grandparent: Am I Papa, Grandpa, Dude or Leader?

Issue #65
How to Develop Your Marketing Piece or Speech to Appeal to the Pre-Volunteer

Issue #64
The Strategic Challenge of Volunteer Leadership

Issue #63
Training Volunteers Who Think that They Don't Need Training-Part II

Issue #62
Training Volunteers Who Think that They Don't Need Training

Issue #61
Part II -- How do you manage those volunteers who don't choose to volunteer-the non-volunteer volunteer? -- Retooling the Dysfunctional Organization

Issue #60
How do you manage those volunteers who don't choose to volunteer-the non-volunteer volunteer

Issue #59
How to Do it Your Way and Yet Be Flexible with Volunteers Who Want to Do It Your Way

Issue #58
The Power of Emotions - Forget your statistics and use the power of one when you recruit

Issue #57
Two Generations Ready & Willing to Volunteer, Part II

2007 Ezine Archives
Issue #56
Two Generations Ready & Willing to Volunteer, Part I

Issue #55
Why I Never Apologize for Asking Busy People to Volunteer

Issue #54
Cut Your Need to Spend So Much Time Recruiting

Issue #53
Getting High-Capacity Leaders, Movers and Shakers, and Celebrities to Volunteer

Issue #52
When all that volunteer power feels mushy
How do we connect our passion to power?

Issue #51
Web 2.0:
What does it mean to us in volunteer management?
Can it help your organization?

Issue #50
How do I get our members to show up at meetings and take a more active part in our organization?

Issue #49
The Illusion of Control:
Do you really know why you are so successful or why your are struggling?

Issue #48
Creating a High-Commitment Volunteer Culture

Issue #47
Someone Doing it Right:
Interview with Stephen Drew,
Chief Curator for the California State Railroad Museum

Issue #46
Virtual Volunteers:
Are You Expanding Your Volunteer Base by Using Virtual Volunteers?
Part II – Working With Virtual Volunteers

Issue #45
Virtual Volunteers:
Are You Expanding Your Volunteer Base by Using Virtual Volunteers?
Part I – Getting Started in a Virtual Volunteer Program

2006 Ezine Archives
Issue #44
Why Dan Taylor, Vice President of State Programs, Audubon, Is So Optimistic About Volunteerism
Consider a Volunteer Power workshop for your organization

Issue #43
What is the State of Volunteerism Today?

Issue #42
What is the difference between a Mission and a Vision Statement?
Volunteer Power Workshops or Key-Note Presentations for Your Organization

Issue #41
Eight New Articles on Volunteer Power
Getting Volunteers to Evaluate Your Volunteer Program...honestly

Issue #40
Living up to your predecessor's memory—Many think he/she could walk on water.
Dealing with a very proactive, demanding volunteer who gives you, and everyone else, orders.
Avoiding the “attitude trap” of volunteer management.

Issue #39
When I Am 64. Are you recruiting a whole new generation of volunteers?
Age is A Funny Thing—Get a real laugh at your next training or meeting by reading this piece.
A Sample Key-Note Presentation: Winning Strategies for Changing Times

Issue #38
One Dozen Effective Ways to Motivate your Volunteers

Issue #37
I Hate Recruiting
Executive Coaching or Training
Workshop Outline — Mobilizing the Power and Passion of the Volunteer Team

Issue #36
Is the 21st Century volunteer really that different?
Find out why your volunteer recruitment numbers are down and take action
Do you need an executive coach or training for your organization?

Issue #35
The four stages of managing volunteers
Sad news for Volunteer Managers – the demise of AVA

Issue #34
No Money, No Mission
Asking Volunteers to Give Money: What's Stopping Us?

Issue #33
The Significance of Great Staff/Volunteer Relationships – an interactive workshop
Choosing Board Members for the Volunteer Organization

2005 Ezine Archives
Issue #32
An apology
The Virtual Organization
Gen Y: Team of one???
When you are tempted to quit.

Issue #31
Recognition: What are specific examples that successful organizations are using to reward and recognize their volunteers?
Continued response to question, "How do we get the younger generation to volunteer?"

Issue #30
Response to question, "How do we get the younger generation to volunteer?"
Team building, decision making, problem solving, training exercise: Push the Envelope

Issue #29
The Long Term Volunteer is No Longer a Trend...It is a Fixed Reality

Issue #28
Juggling the multiple projects of volunteer management

Issue #27
An Apology
A Case Study
Cool stuff that you have never heard before, part 6: Retention

Issue #26
Cool stuff that you have never heard before, part 5: Branding

Issue #25
Cool stuff that you have never heard before, part 4: Networking

2004 Ezine Archives
Issue #24
Cool stuff that you have never heard before, part 3: Recruiting

Issue #23
Cool stuff that you have never heard before, part 2: Motivation

Issue #22
Cool stuff that you have never heard before, part 1

Issue #21
Recruiting the Right Kind of People-a group of drunks that made the difference.
What is wrong with recruiting someone who says, "Hey, I want to volunteer, you got something for me to do?"

Issue #20
Motivating Your Very Busy Volunteers

Issue #19
What is the state of volunteerism today?

Issue #18
How do we motivate the 21 Century, very busy, very independent volunteers, who suffer from the "bowling alone" syndrome?

Issue #17
Building the Successful Volunteer Teams in the Midst of Transition
How to Manage a Transition without Losing Your Volunteers

Issue #16
Ten Tips for Staying Sane About Your Board
When Volunteers are so busy they seem not committed

Issue #15
If you fire me, I'll sue your pants off" -- how to fire a volunteer in our litigious society.
The most powerful technique to make your point to volunteers.

Issue #14
Volunteers Aren't Free
Ask Tom - Why did my volunteers revolt? Peter--Bristol, England

2003 Ezine Archives
Issue #13
Restoring that Volunteer Passion When They Are Experiencing the Holiday Blahs

Issue #12
Interesting facts and resources for volunteer managers

Issue #11
Ice Breakers, Meetings Openers, and Team Building Activities

Issue #10
Who is the New Volunteer?
Ask Tom - How do we get beyond Internet Activism?

Issue #9
Building Community - It doesn't just happen
Facilitating Effective Volunteer Meetings
Virtual Meetings - What are they?

Issue #8
How to recruit and manage Gen Xers

Issue #7
Ice-Breakers for Committees, Boards and Volunteer Staff Meetings
How to Unleash the Visionary Volunteer Without Destroying the Organization

Issue #6
An interview with Rick Brush President/CEO, California Society of Association Executives

Issue #5
Why Use Behavior-Based Interview Questions: Getting the Right People on Your Volunteer Team
TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY Getting Started on the Right Foot With a New Team
Isn't a team just a dysfunctional committee with a new name?

Issue #4
Article-The Power of Volunteers
Article-Why Volunteer Teams Don't Work

Issue #3
An Interview with Shriners Hospital Volunteer Services Manager, Mary Lynn Perry

Issue #2
Training Volunteers Who Think They Know It All
Ice Breaker - Ice Breaker Questions
When you recruit volunteers to serve on a board or committee, do you recruit a slate of people and then assign them a position, or do you recruit people to fulfill a specific role?

2002 Ezine Archives
Issue #1
Using Your Story to Rekindle Your Passion
What is the number one reason people quit volunteering?
Ice Breaker - Getting to Know You
Fingerprinting Today's Volunteer