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Volunteer Power!
Mobilizing the Power and Passion
of the Volunteer Network

Those of us in volunteer administration have something that every organization wants. We have an advantage that no one else has. We are the envy of most businesses and government agencies. What is it? What do we have that they want?

Power and Passion. Our volunteers are passionate about their cause. And when their power is focused, they are powerful. How can the volunteer administrator tap into this power? How can the volunteer manager use this passion to recruit, mobilize, motivate and manage volunteers?

Volunteer Power's mission is to give you the skills, training, and confidence in recruiting, motivating and managing the 21st century volunteer. We are dedicated to reconnect you to your power and passion.

Thomas W. McKee
Founder, Volunteerpower.com

Thomas McKee
Thomas McKee
Volunteerpower.com is maintained by Tom McKee, the owner and CEO of Advantage point systems Inc., a training and development company.

Who is Tom McKee?
Tom McKee, a leading volunteer management speaker, trainer and consultant, is recognized as one of today's foremost international authorities on volunteer management. Given the political, economic and corporate climate in the 21st century, with the often turbulent impact on businesses, corporations and individuals, it is no wonder that people are looking for leaders who are more than speakers but are also experts in their field.

Tom is a volunteer. Tom has been an active volunteer since high school. He was selected for Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities both in college and in graduate school for his volunteer student leadership. He has been an active volunteer in organizations such as the California Association of Society Executives, a graduate school board member, and his church.

Tom is an association management consultant. For the past 35 years Tom has work with national and state associations including Ducks Unlimited, The National Association of RV Parks, The National Dental Association, The California Association of Homes and Services of the Aging, The California Audubon Society, The California Apartment Association

Tom is an educator. He is on the adjunct faculty of The Training Source, a division of the Los Rios Community College District, teaching business change management and leadership development classes.

Tom is an author. As a communication expert, Tom not only speaks, but also writes regularly for business publications. Additionally, he has authored successful books including "They Don't Play My Music Anymore—How to Plan Your Future When the World Keeps Changing", "How to Make the Team Work," a supervisor training manual for new managers and co-author to "The New Breed—Understanding and Equipping the 21st Century volunteer".

Tom is a motivational speaker and trainer. Tom began his professional career speaking to one of the most difficult audiences - high school students. Since his days at high school assemblies, he has gone on to address audiences of over 1000 to 2000 people. To date, Tom has trained more than 100,000 managers how to facilitate their work teams through times of unremitting change, and has spoken to over half a million people in Europe, Africa and the United States, including companies and organizations of all sizes.

Tom can work with you. Tom McKee is an expert at collaborating with organizations and companies of various sizes and types. Backed with years of experience and knowledge, he is adept at customizing his expertise to provide you with the content you need. Whether you are looking for a keynote speaker or a breakout session leader, Tom can tailor his materials to make your conference or meeting a success.